Group Rates

If you are of the organizational type and have a lot of friends, get a group of 10 or more #10 is free. PLUS if you get additional friends to run with you, the price the group of 10 that paid, is the same price of the new team mate. To receive the discounted price you have to complete the registration on line and mail the $$ in. Once received we will activate the entries. Contact us if you have any

It will take a little work as you will have to mail all of the entries together to: the Big Dawg Dare, PO BOX 551, Litchfield, Illinois 62056. We will enter them all administratively so that will save you the credit card processing fee as well. We will need the following for EACH contestant:

PLEASE OBSERVE THE NEW ADDRESS TO MAIL THIS INFORMATION: as I am in the process of moving and will not be able to receive mail at this address closer to the race date.
Name: First M.I. Last
age and D.O.B.
Shirt size (gender specific: mens or womens styles/cut/size)
email address

phone number in case of a question

We also need a WAVE TIME for the group. You will fill out the waiver at the registration tent.

The Big Dawg Dare taking a bite out of Cancer
Goal: $1,000